Want to grow my own food but can’t find bacon seeds

I want to grow my own food but can’t find any bacon seeds.

Lots of folks still have a bunch of time on their hands and need something productive to do.

You can literally have your own farm in pots around your home.

In the link below are some perennials that require minimal maintenance and will produce food year after year.

A quote from the article says, “Once planted and established, they require very little work except topdressing and occasional weeding and pruning.”

Not all of the examples noted in the article will grow well here but, many of them will. More in the link:


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Similar is not the same

Some have noted that the common cold is a coronavirus. This is true. But, it should not be confused with Covid19. You already know to protect yourself and others with a mask and to keep distance between you and others to prevent the spread of disease.

But, that doesn’t mean one should give up interacting with people. Just do it safely. The simple act of interacting with a variety of friends in your social network can provide both physical and mental health benefits.

More from the CDC about the common cold vs. Covid19 can be found in the link below:

In a recent book by Dr. Bandy Lee, he wrote:

“Many studies document the impacts of social relationships. One of the most provocative found that social connections with spouse, parents, family members, coworkers, groups or organizations protect against the common cold (Cohen et al. 1997)

What was most important about this finding, however, was that it was not just the number of social connections that protected against symptoms such as a runny nose, but also their variety.

Having many versus fewer friends was not protective, but having a variety of types of relationships with family, friends, etc. resulted in fewer symptoms following exposure to a cold virus.

A final important feature of social connections points also to the importance of varied perspectives. In examining how groups adopt innovations, sociologist and communications theorist Everettt Rogers noted the importance of tight-knit, cohesive networks in quickly and effectively acting to implement a good idea (Rogers and Kincaid 1981)

But where do the good ideas come from? One source of good ideas was observed to be “weak ties”. One member of a tightly knit group might have a connection to someone in another village, a sister-in-law who is a lawyer, or a job that takes him periodically to the “big city”. Such weak ties, not intimate or especially important in day-to-day activities, nevertheless provide exposure to innovations.

The combination of new ideas plus a cohesive network to implement them provides the idea for and the execution of innovation.”

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Volunteer Efforts Help Keep City Beautiful

So, How do YOU say LIRIOPE?
New Orleans has a long history of interesting pronunciations. Take our streets for example… Calliope Street is pronounced CAL-E-OPE but, everywhere else it’s that thing that plays music on the riverboat. That’s just one example of many.

And, so it goes with LIRIOPE. Wikipedia had this to say about it: “The pronunciation of “Liriope” varies. Commonly recommended pronunciation are /lɪˈraɪəpiː/ lih-RY-ə-pee (US), and /lɪəˈriːoʊpeɪ/ lee-REE-o-pay (British), but there are many regional variations. In the southern United States, for example, it may be pronounced /ˈlaɪroʊpiː/ LY-ro-pee, /lɪəˈraɪoʊˌpiː/ leer-EYE-o-pee, or /ˈlɪərioʊp/ LEER-ee-ohp”

How do you say LIRIOPE?
Like tomato, it can be said different ways…

Now that that’s out of the way, if you have some LIRIOPE in your yard that you would like to donate, let me know and I’ll come dig it up. Just contact me at:

Donated plants are put in public areas for all to enjoy

The City Beautiful Club is a volunteer effort and is part of the non-profit initiative NOLA Parks For All

Below is a link to the Paypal site. You may use any credit card for the donation:


Also, converting your Amazon account to a “smile” Account and picking City Beautiful as a beneficiary is a help too. No cost to you and easy enough to do:


City Beautiful Committee, NOLA Parks For All is a 501(c)3 tax deductible organization.

THANK YOU for partnering for a greener and cleaner community!

Click here for July, 2018 News from City Beautiful

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